What You Need to Know About Inflatables

There are many choices when selecting the best inflatable from A&B Party Rentals. At A&B Party Rentals, we have traditional bounce houses and combo units, including a bounce house with the slide attached, slides, and obstacle courses. 


A basic bounce house is usually called an inflatable bouncer. Bouncers function as the name implies; they’re inflatable structures with no slides, no obstructions, only a bouncing platform. They are the least expensive inflatable option in our inventory. The classic model is popular and offers the added flair you’d like to have at your next party. The number of people that can be able to jump simultaneously will depend on how big the user is. The smaller your kids are, the greater the number that can safely accommodate them, and when they grow, there will be fewer permitted. The amount of people allowed to participate is a key factor in the traditional bouncers, as they share an entrance and exit.

Slides and Obstacle Courses

The slides and obstacle courses are well-designed for parties that target older children. Many kids lose their love for the traditional bounce house by the age of 7 or 8. They eventually lose any major enjoyment of a combination unit by the age of 11 or 12. Large water slides provide loads of fun and enjoyment with splashing around in the water that one cannot experience with a bouncer and are appropriate for all ages as long as they are used within the appropriate limits.

Each slide can be used for wet and dry, and all are much bigger than the slides, even on our combos with XL. The larger slides certainly create greater excitement, but they are also more dangerous. While an adult should monitor all inflated units, slides should have close monitoring, especially if you have adventurous children that will attempt dangerous maneuvers if left unattended. However, slides can be a fantastic element to your event; they permit quick and frequent usage, which means that parties of any size can utilize them without much waiting. Waterslides are extremely popular during the summer months in Hawaii.

Obstacle courses have much in common with slides because they are only accessible to a few people simultaneously. They are great fun for kids of all ages, and, in many cases, they include a slide. 


Combo units provide a wonderful connection between bounce houses with traditional designs and inflatable slides. They are definitely an improvement over the traditional bounce houses since the slide gives a unique experience that people of all ages will enjoy. The differences in size on the combo unit are due to the slide that is attached to them. Slides on the large units are slightly bigger than those of our large units. They are also slightly bigger than those of our medium units. The majority of combos have the possibility of additional bonuses, such as basketball hoops or high-inflated poles/ pylons features for youngsters to play with or dodge.

Budgeting for Your Event

Budgeting can be a way to decide which one you want and why you should select A&B Party Rentals! We are pleased to offer services in Honolulu and throughout Oahu and other party rentals near you. In addition to the prices shown on our website, we also offer extras that would be a great asset to your event, like concessions. 

If you are still trying to determine which inflatable is the best fit for your event, contact us! We’re happy to assist in helping you find the perfect inflatable for your event and ensure that it is a successful one.