Wedding Tent Rental Tips in Honolulu

It’s simple to rent a tent for your wedding, however, there are many aspects you must be aware of. Consider the number of guests that will be in attendance, as well as whether or not there is space to accommodate any additional elements, such as dance floors or a stage. It is also important to make sure that the venue you choose to use can accommodate the tent you’d like or the size that you require. These details could be difficult to manage so you should think about these issues that can arise before renting a tent.

Choosing Your Setting

The first thing you should think about when renting a wedding tent is where is it taking place. Can your chosen location accommodate a tent? Are there any restrictions you need to keep in mind? In addition how many tents will you be needing?

If you’re planning to have your ceremony in a tent, while the reception is in a different tent, then you’ll need an area large enough to accommodate each of these tents. 

 Number of Guests

You must also be aware of your guest list. What number of guests are expected to attend your wedding? It’s important to have an area that can accommodate everyone. That’s why it’s recommended to talk to an expert before renting a wedding tent. Businesses who specialize in these forms of services like us, A&B Party Rentals, can identify the exact size you require and are in a position to inform you of whether it’s going to work in the venue or place of your choosing. 

Find Your Wedding Tents Near Honolulu and Oahu That You Need

When you decide to rent wedding tents for your wedding, there are a few options. We have a gable roof tent and a hip roof tent. Our gable roof tent is a common economical Hawaiian-style event tent, while our hip roof has a much taller height and is more upscale. Another type of tent is one that has a frame, which tends to be more durable and has a greater ceiling clearance.

Room For Extras

Additionally, the tent should be able to accommodate extra items such as a dance floor, stage, DJ set- up and a place where food and beverages are held. It is important to keep this all in mind while trying to figure out the tent size or how many tents you’ll need. There is also the possibility of having additional tables, in the event that you’re having guests who did not properly RSVP.

If you need to rent a tent, contact us and we will assist you in choosing the correct one for your big day.

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