Turn a Bounce House into a Haunted House

With Halloween a few weeks away, this is the best time to start Halloween preparations. Here, we look at how to transform a bounce house into a haunted house.

Convert the Playhouse

You’ll first need a bounce house to get started and then decorating. You will want to ensure the decor you get has no sharp edges and will not ruin the bounce house. Try going for cobwebs, slime bats, pumpkin lanterns, or a fog machine. Anything you think may add an extra scare.

It’s a matter of decorating it to give it a holiday theme. It’s possible to make the same thing happen if you own an existing play structure (such as slides).

Include an audio track

Halloween is all about the terrifying sounds. Having spooky noises gets everyone in the mood. If you have an iTunes or Spotify account, you can play music for Halloween using a Bluetooth speaker.

Change it into a story Experience or a Scavenger Hunt

You should also include a story to help children get involved in the event’s excitement. As an example, the haunted house you have has a past? Who was within the home in past times? What horrific events occurred? Was it the scene of a horrible crime or a place where ghosts once lived? Stories make the experience more frightening. They provide essential context as to why the house appears so scary.

Add a few props

Halloween is the perfect time to get the props out. Things like eyeballs, pumpkins, disembodied hands and fingers, spiders, skulls, and bones can make the night even more frightening. Consider placing props strategically in your backyard next to the bounce house, then set them up so that they get spookier the closer to the haunted house.

Let the adults be in on the fun

Finally, you can finish the haunted house by having the adults dress up as a ghoul, vampire, or goblin to make the experience more authentic. They can perform tricks and even tell stories of what happened at the haunted house that created the terrifying atmosphere.

There’s always an opportunity to provide some entertainment for your children. 

Decorating a bounce house and turning it into a haunted house gives them a chance to be outside and enjoy Halloween with all its tricks and treats.