Top Party Rentals For Summer 2023

Modern Rainbow Castle Inflatable Bounce House

If you’re looking to have fun, nothing can set an event off quite more than this inflatable bouncer, and they’re not only for children but also adults! All of our bounce houses are very durable. Attending a party and seeing a colorful castle waiting to be played can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

High Roof Party Tent

The biggest nightmare of any party host is having the party canceled because of rain. However, you know what? Renting a high-roof frame tent will not let that happen to you. It will ensure that you and your guests stay dry during rainy days, and protected from heat on extremely hot days. Plus, it’s flexible and straightforward to put up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting up an exhibit at an event center, hosting an event for graduation, or establishing your concession company in a parking lot the tent can make the experience easier and much more fun.

Folding Chairs

There’s no denying how much people have to sit down at social gatherings. In the end, comfort is the number one priority. It’s the best way to ensure that people are having a great time. We have a selection of folding chairs, however, we have found that white, black and brown folding chairs are the top rental chairs as they are compatible with every style of décor. They are simple to keep clean and are great for outdoor and indoor use. They also have tiny drainage holes that prevent the liquid from accumulating on the chairs.

Rectangle Folding Tables

Not only will your guests need a place to sit but they will also need a place to eat and set their drinks on, and that’s why a rectangle folding table is at the top of the list. These tables are super easy to put together and go with about everything, we also have table linens to throw over the top of them.

Tent Side Walls

There are certain types of weather that even a tent for your party can’t fully protect you from and that’s when tent side walls or a side tent screen covering comes in handy. They will not let bad weather, from rain to wind cause a problem for your outdoor celebration. They allow you to be ready while looking stylish.

The elements of rain and wind can’t compete with these walls. Your party will run smoothly without any issues.

ASTM Stakes

ASTM stakes are stakes that secure inflatable bounce houses to the ground. They meet all the requirements for anchoring inflatables of all sizes to ensure safety and make sure the bounce house or inflatable is secured so it doesn’t tip over.

Round Cocktail Tables

Having a cocktail event? Rent one of our folding cocktail tables to add a touch of elegance to any event, even throw in some cocktail table covers in various of colors that you are able to choose from.

These are the top party rentals for Summer 2023. There are numerous ways we can help make your event more effective and efficient. Contact us for more information.