Tips to Throw the Perfect Graduation Party in Honolulu

For many young adults, graduation is right around the corner, whether graduating high school and going off to college or graduating college and getting that dream job, either way, it’s an event to be celebrated. So let A&B Party Rentals help you will all your party rental needs.

Some people prefer to hold a small graduation party at home, in order to cut down on costs. At the same time, others prefer to hold the graduation party at an event venue.

Whichever option you pick regardless of the option you choose, we’re all aware of how difficult planning a party can be. Therefore it’s crucial to be aware of how to throw an appropriate graduation party.

Choose Your Budget

Determining your budget is the first step prior to hosting any type of event. Are you planning on the graduation party to be a small intimate gathering or are you going with something bigger and lavish?

After you have decided on a budget you would like to spend on your graduation party, you can organize the rest of the celebration according to the budget.

Be aware that the greater number of people you are planning to invite, the greater the cost will be. Therefore, if you have lots of relatives and friends that you plan to invite, think about increasing your budget. If your budget if lower then you will want to limit the number of people you invite.

In determining your budget you will be able to decide whether you want to host the event at your home or in a location.

Party Rentals

If you plan to hold the graduation celebration at an event space it’s important to choose the right party rental within your price range and must also accommodate the amount of guests you plan on inviting. If you’re holding it outside you most likely will want to rent a few tents for coverage along with table and chairs for your guests to sit and be able to place the food down. A&B Party Rentals has the tents, chairs and tables to be able to throw your graduation party.


Once you’ve decided on your budget and where the party will take place. It’s now time to distribute invitations. Before you mail out your invitations consider whom you want to invite to the event. Do not feel pressured to invite everyone in the graduate’s contact list. Make sure to invite only the people you really desire to invite and limit the number of guests that accommodate your budget.

You can send invitations in the mail or send your guests and email with a digital invitation where they can RSVP. The digital invitation is budget friendly and less time consuming as you can BCC everyone on your list and cuts down on the cost of stamps and mail time.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure to distribute invitation as soon as you can and set a date for guest to RSVP by. This will ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts with the guests and you will be aware the number of guests that are expected to attend.

Create a Party Theme

Every great party requires a unique theme. There are a lot of ideas for graduation parties to pick from. This includes decorations, colors, and more.

Most people that throw graduation parties like to display the colors of their university or high school along with their mascot. For instance, if the college’s colors are orange and blue, it’s possible to set up a blue tablecloth with orange balloons and streamers, as well as flowers, and so on.

You can also display pictures of your graduate during their time in high school or college. You may also want to include achievements or special interests, but make sure you announce the graduation year for your student.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks will nearly always be a requirement for any special occasion, you don’t want your guests left thirsty or hungry. If you’re hosting the party at home or in a park, renting some concessions for your party may be the route to take. A&B Party Rentals has numerous concession machines to choose from popcorn cart to a nacho machine down to a cotton candy maker, we have it. All you have to do is call (808) 688.7707 to rent it.

Entertainment and Activities

The graduation party should include fun entertaining activities for your guests. If your guests and the graduate are into dancing, you may want to rent a dance floor. If they are into singing, you may want to rent a karaoke machine. All items are available at A&B Party Rentals to rent.

Another option includes renting a photo booth so guests and the graduate can capture photos throughout the evening and hold on to those special memories. Most often, these are equipped with selfie sticks and props to hang up, with relevant messages about graduation and the school year.

Snow cones, cotton candy as well as a popcorn machine are great for guests to enjoy, especially if there are going to be children at the event. You may also want to consider including board games, inflatables or even yard games like corn hole.

Let the Party Begin

If you know someone who is about to graduate and are planning the party, make sure you start party planning now as graduation is right around the corner and you want to make sure you throw the best celebration as this is a huge milestone for your graduate.

If you’re considering using A&B Party Rentals as your graduation party rental go contact us a call to start planning your event, as we have all the perfect rentals for you.