Planning a Memorable Family Reunion: A Comprehensive Guide

Few things in life are as precious as the bond between family members. A family reunion is ideal for celebrating this special connection and having a great time. If you’ve taken on the responsibility of organizing such an event, here is some valuable advice to ensure it’s a success:

Plan Ahead

Time is a critical factor in planning a successful reunion. Setting a date about nine months to a year in advance is a good rule of thumb, particularly if you’re planning a destination reunion during the summer months. Families can plan vacations, school activities, and other obligations. As an organizer, you’ll also have ample time to sort out all the particulars. Consider investing in a day planner or using an app to keep track of deadlines and essential details.


Honesty about your abilities and resources is critical to your ability to execute. You may have volunteered as the lead organizer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help with the details. Call for early help so people can pitch in and lighten the load. As the saying goes, “Many hands do light work.” People will feel more invested in the outcome if they have a say in the planning.

Pick the Perfect Venue

Your choice of venue will depend on your family members’ ages, styles, interests, and budgets. For example, a family with many kids might prefer to rent a park pavilion for an afternoon. On the other hand, renting a beach house or house for the weekend may be more appealing to an older crowd. Or perhaps you simply want to set up in the backyard and host a no-fuss event. Whatever the specifics, the main goal is to have a good time!

Add Your Special Touch

Make the reunion uniquely yours with some swag and flair. Find ways to create new memories, such as making a collage of family photos and using them as table decor. (See how far back you can go in your family tree!) Entertainment is also essential, depending on the venue. For example, the beach would provide endless fun. If you’re hosting your reunion at a park, consider lawn games like cornhole or ring toss. Bouncers are always a hit with kids (and kids at heart).

Capture the Memories

Be sure to capture the fun by taking pictures that will last a lifetime. Consider renting a photo booth. Photobooths are a great idea and a chance for people to create memories.

Whether your family reunion is small and intimate or a large-scale affair, you will make a lasting impression. And if you pulled off a successful reunion with the help of A & B Party Rentals, you’ll leave them excited for the next one!