How to Throw the Best Spring Birthday Party in Hawaii

Spring is in the air. This means that winter is over, the weather is getting better, and nature’s beauty is being renewed and refreshed. It’s easy to envy those who were born in a mild season.

It doesn’t matter what other people think or how objectionable they might be, a memorable and fun birthday party is something that they will always remember. To make a lasting impression, parties don’t need to be complicated. You can find ways to make your party unique. It’s easier than ever to celebrate spring birthdays.

Spring birthday party ideas are just as plentiful as the blue skies, returning birds, and blooming buds that coincide with spring. These spring party ideas will inspire you to have a great birthday.

Idea 1: English Royal Tea Party

The best parties bring people together around a common theme, and allow them to express their individuality. A British Royal Tea Party is a great way to get everyone involved in the party fun.

A picturesque scene of spring is all that’s needed. Any flat lawn can be used with our table, tents and chair rentals. Politely request that everyone attending the event wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Mix and match tea sets are a great way to serve tea. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy individual pieces from thrift shops and garage sales. You can make a menu that includes the right milk, condiments, scones and finger sandwiches

Idea 2: Green-themed Party

Everyone is going green in today’s world. A green party is a great way to celebrate the spring birthdays of greenies in your life. Green party invitations should be made from recycled materials or printed on plant-able paper that can later become flowers.

If you are a gardener, invite your guests to join the fun and pick fresh produce for the party. It will show them how rewarding it can be to work with the earth.

Serve a simple, sweet drink. Midori Sours, which are easy to make and eye-catching in emerald green, are a great choice. Consider some of the “green” new board games for activities. Earthopoly, which is a green version of Monopoly, is just as fun. Bioviva is another option where you can travel the globe and earn points for your science, nature and engineering prowess.

Idea 3: Camping Party

Spring birthday parties should reflect the personality and interests of the birthday boy or girl. Some people love camping. Some people don’t want to spend their nights outdoors, even if it means losing the modern conveniences of nature. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to celebrate the birthday of someone you love, especially if they are “outdoorsy.” Renting one of our inflatable movie screens along with a projector for a night under the stars, is a great way to entertain your guests.

Camping Spring Party is a great option if you’re looking to host a spring party for someone who loves the outdoors. You will need a backyard, a borrowed camp tent, and a grill and campfire to host your party. You can make it authentic and invite your guests to wear jeans and flannel. You should be prepared to accept someone bringing a guitar with poor chords, poor rhythms and terrible singing voices. It doesn’t matter if it is true or false, just go with it.

You can make camping food like smores, hot dogs, chips or hamburgers. Consider classic campfire stories and charades as activities. These games have survived for so many years and they’re fun. For those who don’t like the outdoors, modern conveniences and amenities are just a few steps away. Camping Spring Birthday Party offers the best of both worlds.

Idea 4: A Very Fairy Birthday

Fairy Tales, myths, and folklore are a common part of childhood. A Very Fairy Spring Birthday Party can bring out your inner child. The setting can be used to celebrate the beauty of fairies, whether it is for children or adults.

For their travels, fairies used special trees. In Ireland, it is considered bad luck to chop one of these trees. Your Very Fairy Party may have a special tree that can be used as a central point or place to gather together for this celebration.

The scene should be illuminated by twinkling lights or lanterns. Decorations should be earthy like moss or flowers. Drinks should have delicate flavors and soft colors, while snacks should be sweet and airy like fruits with honey, iced cakes with nuts, raspberry bark, and gourmet cheeses.

To add to all the fairy fun, come rent our Tinker Bell bounce house that will ensure loads of fun for hours.

Idea 5: Bunny Party (Either for Birthday or Easter)

A spring Bunny Party is a great idea for all the bunnies-loving children and/or loved ones. You can decorate your tables with small bunny figurines and grass, as well as moss and grass.

Healthy snacks such as carrots and broccoli are sure to please every bunny. You can serve them in small pots with soil made from hummus or sandwiches cut into bunny shapes. 

This party takes place in spring so you have plenty of chocolate bunnies to offer. You could also hide small toy bunnies in your party for guests to find. Parties that have elements that are inspired and planned by the guest of honor are the best. It is easy to come up with the perfect theme and gather the guests if you know the birthday boy/girl. You’ll even want to rent our very own Easter bounce house with bunnies on it (real bunnies not included).

The best part about any celebration is having fun together with those you love. No matter if you are celebrating your spring birthday, or someone else’s, it is important to leave a lasting impression and memories to last a lifetime.