How to Host A Great Karaoke Party

Who says you need to throw an elaborate event for a wedding or birthday party? Why not just throw a karaoke party instead and invite friends and family over to join in on all the fun? Don’t have a karaoke machine? Don’t worry, A&B Party Rentals have got you covered with the top-of-the-line karaoke machine that you can rent from us. We have some karaoke party tips that we’ve picked up along the way from helping many karaoke events.

Here are some tips to host a great karaoke party.

Most karaoke parties are in the comfort of one’s living room, however, the bigger and emptier the space, the better the party is. For instance, a large conference room works just fine. You want at least to allocate 10-15 square feet for the karaoke stage area. You could have up to 10 singers at a time for one song, especially if they are popular karaoke songs.

You want to provide quality equipment and not something that will continue to go out when you are belting out that ballad, that’s why karaoke rentals are the best! You will also need numerous tunes to choose from so there is a song for everyone. Since most of us are no Madonna and will need all the help we can get in the singing department as possible, having professional quality microphones and speakers is ideal. You’ll also want the karaoke tunes to be studio produced with real instruments and not the corny computer-produced sounding kind.

If you are the one throwing the party, you may be the first one to belt out a tune, so make sure the first karaoke song of the night is a good one. Here is a list of some of the more popular karaoke songs to choose from if you are stumped: 


Go all out and put on the invites that it’s a themed karaoke party, where guests have to dress as their favorite singer and later in the evening they have to belt that singer’s top tune out. Makes the party more enjoyable.

Try having life-size cutouts or posters of rock stars, and colored lights and where the entrance is to the karaoke party, roll out a red carpet for the full rock star effect.

Of course, people will be filming and snapping photos all night. Make your candid photo ops even better with some accessories. Try having a box filled with big sunglasses, wigs, blow-up microphones, guitars, truly anything you can think of to get that good rock star image because we all know it’s being posted on social media.

Having prizes really motivates people, especially if you have someone who is super competitive. Have a few categories, from best solo, and duet to best rock band.

Just like with any good concert, the artist has to wrap the show up with one final song and most of the time it’s one of their biggest hits. Make this last song be epic and have all your guests chime in, never hurts to sing “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, it’s one everyone knows and can’t seem to not sing to. Throwing an epic karaoke party people are not going to want to stop singing. Most likely your guests will continue the karaoke party to their car on their drive home to have car karaoke. And that is what A&B Party Rentals is all about, is to bring joy and fun to any event you may host!  Contact us now to reserve your karaoke machine!