Dance Floor Rentals

Are you planning on dancing the night away under the stars at your next event? It is recommended to get a dance floor if the venue where you are hosting doesn’t have one, especially an outside venue. Here at A&B Party Rentals we now have dance floors for you to rent. There are a few things to consider before renting a dance floor.

Dimension of Dance Floor

The most important thing you don’t want is an overcrowded dance floor. To prevent this from happening make sure you research the size dance floor you will want, starting by taking a head count of the number of guests that will be attending the event. In order for everyone to have adequate dance space, make sure that the dance floor is 9 square feet for each person on smaller dance floors and around 7 square feet to have a larger dance floor.

Type of Event

Dance floors are available for rent for any kind of event. They can be rented for birthday parties, weddings corporate events, and anything really.

Consider, for instance, an area for dancing that has an elegant, polished look when you’re planning the wedding of your choice or are planning an event with a black tie. A few options include a white and black checkered floor, or one that has a wood grain finish.

If you’ve never rented a dance floor before, seek assistance from a knowledgeable professional like us here at A&B Party Rentals to assist you in the process.

Dance Type

There’s no way that you can know or dictate how individuals will move, yet you must be prepared by renting the correct dance floor. If you’ve invited a lot of young people to your party, there is a good chance that they’ll engage in more lively dancing.

For a dance that is fun and safe, select the dance floor that has spring bases for greater cushioning and stability.

Location of Event

Where are you planning to hold your celebration? It is important to think about this. If you are planning to hold the party outdoors, choose the right dance floor that is specifically designed specifically for outdoor use. The dance floors are typically constructed from durable materials that can stand up to the elements of all weather. The best options include a dance floor that is portable or a tent floor.


It’s not a surprise that the price of the floor you choose to dance on is an important element to think about. Different dance floors are priced at various prices and it’s up to you to pick the one that is best for your budget.

To save even more you can hire the exact business that you lease other rental items. If you rent a large number of things from the same business and receive discounts, you can enjoy higher discounts, which can save you a lot of cash.

The Event

No matter what kind of dance floor you lease, ensure it’s of good quality and correctly set up.

You wouldn’t want your dance floor to fall apart in the middle of a celebration, wouldn’t you?

So, you’ve decided to have an outdoor gathering and you’re contemplating a dance floor? What’s the problem?

If you are planning a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or another outdoor event you’ll need to estimate the cost and duration for bathrooms, tents, flooring, and food. Naturally, you could not choose to include all of these things but they will be used to create an amazing occasion.

A lot of dance floor rental companies do not permit their floor to be set up without any sort of protection. While some rental firms provide a laminated plastic floor that is waterproof, most businesses do not wish to set up their floors without a covering. The floor could be damaged by rain which is why many rental businesses will insist on placing the floor under the tent. Tent rentals are typically set-up is within 2-4 days prior to the event, and then removed within a day or two following.

It is logical to have the tent up days earlier so that your other vendors will be able to deliver their goods.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a dance floor must be placed on a level, even surface. In the event that the dance flooring is installed outside, it may require a sub-floor beneath the dance floor, which can add cost and complexity. Even if the floor is level grass, it could be uneven, bumpy, or uneven, which makes it difficult to put in a dance floor.