It is really important you consider several factors when choosing a Party Rental Company on Oahu. Many companies are ran out of their home, do not have professional systems in place, adequate staff, and extremely unorganized. We get frantic phone calls on a weekly basis with panicking parents the day of their event because the company they hired are not showing up to their party. The day of your special event is supposed to be enjoyable and memorable.

Its a one shot deal, and you cannot get that 4-6 hours back. After planning your food, decorations, maybe an entertainer or two, saving a $50 is not worth the savings for a nightmare of a day because your Party Rental Equipment Vendor messed up, which then messes up your entire party. We are the complete opposite of that. You will be well taken cared of, from our thorough communication from initial booking, to confirmation, to anytime you need to call us, you will always be able to get in touch. Clean and working equipment, on time deliveries, and friendly service, always! Choose us and see why we have been successfully in business for 12 years!