A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

Did you know that the wedding reception is the first formal event you’ll throw for a newlywed couple? If you’ve never been allowed to plan an event, other than the shower or a dinner celebration, then you’ll realize there are a lot of elements to consider, particularly if the event is held in the privacy of a venue. Many couples don’t have the expertise and don’t know where they should begin, so using the staff’s experience here at A&B Party Rentals is a great start! 

Micro-weddings and elopements have gained popularity, and we can see this trend gaining momentum in the coming years. Since we have transitioned to increase the number of guests for weddings, many families are still planning smaller weddings in intimate places. Gardens, tents, historic homes, and more are all in demand; and all require rentals of equipment.

We’re here to assist! We are a party rental company, we have more than 16 years of experience in the field and our experienced team of specialists are here to help! If you think about it and plan we will work with you to figure out your rental requirements.

What is the best place to start?

After completing your guest list and selecting the locations for your ceremony and reception the next step is to sketch out an overall concept for the setting, starting by preparing the wedding ceremony. This will allow you to choose the necessary rental items to have a memorable day.

Ceremony Rental Needs:

* Tents – check out our blog article for all your tent needs.

* Chairs –  which type of chair is best for your needs and budget? Do you want your reception and ceremony to be held in the same space?

* Table linens

* Ceremony location – Do you require an arch? 

The need for a cocktail hour rental is:

* Tent – Do you wish the guests shielded from weather elements?

* Cocktail Tables

* Linens for the cocktail tables

* Food Service- Talk to your planner or caterer to decide the need for tables to serve food stations, such as a the charcuterie or grazing board, or if you’d like to have butlers pass out hors d’oeuvres.

* Beverage Service – decide what kind of bar you’ll offer and the tables, linens, or bar equipment you’ll require.

Rentals for receptions are required:

* Tents – begin by drawing the floor plan of the general area, you’ll have a clear idea of what you’ll need to put in the main tent. It is a good idea to reserve tents earlier in the planning process because of availability and other requirements, such as permits or inspections. 

* Dance Floor 

* Linens – we’ve included the different tables that you could require to host your wedding each one requires linen

* Head Table or Sweetheart Table – do you need a bigger “kings” tables for the wedding reception or a beautiful sweetheart Table for 2?

* Guest Tables – does your plan include round tables, farm tables, or a mixture of banquet and round? Create an outline of the floor plan in order to help you think about what you’ll require! (you are able to change the quantity following the final guest number)

* Chairs – Consider that you might require a different set of chairs to host the reception following the ceremony. A chair that is well-designed can change the venue!

* Cake Table – the cake table is the ideal location to stand out. Most of the time, your cake table is featured in your wedding’s photo album, so you’ll need it to be photo-perfect.

* Gift Table – the gift table typically an 8 or 6 banquet table. A simple but elegant linen is perfect on the gift table as it’s the first impression made by your guest, yet it’s useful.

* DJ – Do they provide their own table, linens and chairs or do they require them from you?

* Memoriam table – photos of engagements, pictures of family members who have passed away generational photos

* Prop table for the photo booth

* Food Tables – If hosting a buffet, ensure you make sure you have enough space to accommodate the entire menu, as well as preparation tables in a different location

Catering Rental Needs

If your caterer offers a partial services, you might require the following services when you have selected your caterer and menu

* China – Do you require an appetizer or salad, dinner as well as dessert dishes?

* Glassware – will you be serving wine and water in a glass on the tables, and other drinks in the bar? Do you plan to have a champagne toast?

* Flatware –  the same questions apply. – Do you require salad forks? Cake forks? Teaspoons? Soup spoons?

* Hot boxes – to keep food warm until serving it on the buffet

We hope that the suggestions for a wedding  rental checklist above will assist you in understanding the things you’ll need to do to make your wedding event go smoothly regardless of what kind of wedding you’ve got in mind. The greatest benefit of working with our team at A&B Party Rental Honolulu is that you will have access to 16 years of party experience. You’re in excellent hands when it comes to renting out items for your wedding!

The next stage in the planning…Cake tasting Anyone?


A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals

A Guide to Wedding Rentals