A Guide for Having an Outdoor Event in Bad Weather

Let’s face it weather can be unpredictable at times that’s why you should always have a backup plan just in case bad weather were to happen on the day of your event. Tented parties are a good idea when it’s in the summer months when the weather is ideal, and there are fewer possibilities of things going wrong. However, this isn’t always feasible. For instance, you could plan a graduation party that’s hosted outside and the weather takes a turn, having a tent on hand is the perfect backup.

When you’re planning to hold a tented party in winter, or during other difficult seasons, be careful about how you do it. In addition to renting a tent from A&B Party Rentals that is able to stand up to the weather, there are many other things to make sure that the event is successful. 

Make Sure that the Tent is Properly Set Up

Rent the most suitable tent to suit the weather, but it’s unlikely that you can have a successful event if you do not correctly prepare the tent. It is a good rule of thumb to make sure you properly set up your tent. You can put the tent up on your own, however, for the best results make sure the work is completed by a professional.

When you’re putting up your tent, make sure you use the poles supplied by the company you are renting it from. If the pole must be installed in a particular method, make sure you adhere to it. Also, you must make use of all the pegs and points of the pegs on the tent.

For optimum results be sure to place the pegs securely in the soil at an angle of 45 degrees and far enough away from your tent with the tip of the pegs contacting the ground. Most tents also include ropes, use these ropes and tie them securely on the ground.

Place the Tent in a Secure Area

When the weather isn’t ideal the main threat is wind. To shield your tent from windy conditions place the tent in the shade of walls, buildings, trees (not too tall), or other things.

However much you would like to safeguard your tent, you shouldn’t put it in the shade of trees. The reason is that the tree’s branches could easily fall down upon the tent, causing damage to the tent, and possibly injuring your guests.

Before bringing the tent to your event site, be sure to carefully survey the site and locate the ideal spot in which the tent will be protected from the strong winds and soaring objects.

Always remember to get the help of the technicians from the rental company since they are knowledgeable and will have handled similar situations in the past.

Make a Trench to Shield Guests from Rainwater

Are you hosting your event in the season of rain? If the location is flat and there’s no place to drain the water you can dig an area around the tent to keep rainwater from getting inside the tents and making guests uncomfortable.

Different locations have different rules, so before you start digging, you should always inquire with the management if you can proceed or not. Some may allow it, so long as you can cover the trench in the future, other places won’t.

Invest in Heaters

If the weather is bad even if you’ve put up sidewalls, odds are your visitors will end up getting cold. To ensure your guests’ comfort and make sure they enjoy the evening, you’ll want to make sure that you have a heating system to keep your guests warm.

Naturally, you must ensure that your systems are properly maintained and will not fail during the event. It’s important to place them strategically inside the tent so that they won’t start a fire. You and your guests are there to enjoy this event and not let bad weather get in the way.