The Top Ten Event Rentals in 2023

We all love a good countdown, from counting down the days till our next vacation to counting down the seconds to the new year or our next event. Countdowns are always fun. So, we thought it would be fun to create a list of the top 10 party rentals for 2023.

These are the Top 10 Party Rentals for 2023

  1. Inflatable Rentals

We work with a variety of clients for kids’ birthday parties, and there’s nothing that is more fun for a kid’s party than an inflatable bounce house. The most popular is the bounce house and slide combination and then a water slide.

  1. Concession Rentals

We all love a good treat, especially when it’s cotton candy. Concession rentals are popular among people planning events as there are many to choose from. From a cotton candy and popcorn machine to shaved ice and a nacho station, it’s enough for those sweet tooths.

  1. Tablecloth Rentals

You always want to make sure you cover your table with tablecloths unless you are renting tablecloths for a farm table or vineyard. Tablecloths made of polyester are the most sought-after, and most affordable to rent.

  1. Tent Rentals

The top item that is rented out in terms of revenue is tent rentals. Here in Hawaii, it’s sunny and warm, so you’ll most likely need shade for your event. The most well-known dimensions to rent are 20×40, which was followed closely by a standard 10×10 pop-up tent.

  1. Game Rentals

Most big events that are held outside include game rentals – from galas to corporate events to weddings. The most requested games to rent are cornhole, giant Jenga, and giant tic tac toe. While miniature golf comes a close second to these.

  1. Table Rentals

This is a huge category that combines everything from cocktail tables to rectangular tables. The most popular table to currently rent is 60” circular due to the fact that it can accommodate most people within a small space. The second most popular table was one that was a six-foot rectangle.

  1. Dinnerware Rentals

The basic white china is the most popular choice for event rentals, and coming in second is gold for the higher-end events. At this time A&B Party Rentals does not have dinnerware for rent.

  1. Flatware Rentals

Coming in third place are flatware rentals. Stainless steel is the most popular item to rent followed closely by gold flatware. We currently do not offer flatware rentals.

  1. Glassware Rentals

Glassware has an unfair advantage on this list due to the fact everyone rents multiple types of glassware, from wine glasses to water cups. The most popular glassware to rent is champagne glasses and is closely followed by the double old-fashioned and then the champagne flute. However, we currently do not have any glassware to rent here at A&B Party Rentals.

  1. Chair Rentals

Coming in at number one are chair rentals. Nearly every event requires chairs for almost every event. Chairs are essential for every event. White folding chairs are the most common chair rentals, then aluminum folding chairs, followed by the gold chiavari chairs.

It’s fun and interesting to look at the different choices people make to rent for their events and to be able to identify trends. Contact us to rent our products for your next event.