The Best Time to Reserve Party Rentals

Planning an event requires intense concentration on detail and the ability to organize. With a myriad of elements and a variety of timelines to follow, your organizational abilities will be elevated to the highest level. It’s possible to wonder when the ideal time to reserve furniture, tables, chairs, and party rentals for your event. When event planners or clients reach out to us, we understand that timing is crucial! Here’s what you need to put in place prior to creating your wish list and the ideal time to reserve all your party rentals.


It’s time to search for the best vendors. What are you looking for in your occasion? Catering? Bar service? There is a myriad of aspects to consider. We are happy to offer suggestions for those who need assistance in figuring out where to begin.

To ensure that everything is on track, begin by making a list of the various pieces that must be put in place prior to the event day –  and include the dates that each piece of equipment needs to be verified. At a minimum, you should have an entire year’s timeframe if it’s an event like a conference or wedding. In the case of smaller occasions, allow two to six months. This will give you plenty of time to reach out to vendors and expect some back-and-forth communications before you commit.


The budget is an essential aspect of your celebration that should be established in stone (aka an amount you’re willing to invest) prior to moving ahead. It is suggested to create a spreadsheet, listing every expense listed as an item on a line. There should be two columns: one for “budgeted expenses” and the other for “actual costs” to reflect the amount you are willing to pay versus what the item will cost you. Include a section for payment dates. The most important thing you’d like to avoid is paying more charges due to missed deadlines.

If you’re not sure how much it will cost, get in touch with some preferred vendors and request estimates. The estimate will know what’s included and then you can begin to determine the typical cost of your caterer, venue, and rental options for your event. Be sure to set your budget based on the things you are most interested in. For instance, if you’re hoping that people will do an oblique glance at your flowers, there may need to be some room within the food and beverage department.


It is highly recommended to confirm your venue before you decide to fall in love with certain rentals, because the space you choose for your event determines the requirements you’ll need to follow and what you will actually want and need.

Party Rentals

The rental items for your event could be chairs and tables as well as tents, concessions, lights, generator the list truly goes on. You can rent just about anything from A&B Party Rentals that the venue may not offer, all you’ll need to do is organize an unforgettable event.

Important things to take into consideration when renting:

When it comes to when to reserve your party rentals for your event, remember that our main items, tables, chairs and tents tend to go quick. However, we have a variety of rental options to suit your needs. If you are caught in a pinch we can make last-minute arrangements for you. You’ll be surprised by what we can do!