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Water slide rentals & obstacles!  All of our water slides are vibrant in color and clean!  We have slides that are good for all budgets and spaces.  Choose between single slides and dual slides.  Browse through our selection, click book a party when ready to book or give us a call. 

Mega Course

Double Slide Double Obstacle
Rental Rate: $599
30′ X 35′

Dual Rush

Rental Rate: $349
14′ X 35′

Fun Course

Rental Rate: $249
8′ X 35′

 Mickey Park

22L x 22W x 13H 

Hello Kitty Park

$395 SPECIAL $249
18L x 18W x 9H

Double Tunnel Water Slide

Dimensions: 28L x 12W x 18H Rental Rate: $299 Dry $399 Wet
Double lane with Tunnel!!

Themed Water Slide

Dimensions: 28L x 11W x 18H Rental Rate: $275 Dry $375 Wet
Get this Slide in any Theme You Would Like!! 


Dimensions: 28L x 12.5W x 14H Rental Rate: $219 dry – $269 wet

Dolphin Water Slide

Dimensions: 33L x 9W x 14H Rental Rate: $249